The use of marquees in marketing

Instead of using traditional advertising methods, companies and businesses are now involved in innovative methods of captivating their audiences. One such way is advertising their brand on a marquee 3 x 3. Brands have now started using marquees to create marketing strategies that have revolutionised how their clients see their products.


Using a 3 x 3 marquee for creating powerful visuals


It is challenging for business owners to create a lasting impression on their audience. They must provide audiences with visual stimuli that effectively capture their attention and convey messages. According to research, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than any other content.


Using marquee three-by-three displays has completely changed the concept of official marketing. These large-scale, high-resolution screens allow marketers to display their content dynamically.


A marquee 3 x 3 setup comprises nine individual screens arranged in the grid, creating a stunning visual spectacle that is hard to ignore. It can be used at trade shows, retail spaces, events, and even on the street. These displays have the power to capture the audience’s attention.



It is essential to increase the impact on audiences by using immersive experiences. A marquee display helps promote this by providing a platform for brands to captivate their audience. It allows brands to create videos, animations and other interactive content according to their identity and sends the message to the audience.


If you own a fashion brand, you should showcase your latest collection on the display at a high-profile event. The screen can display all your models rocking the runway. This experience can help capture the attention of the attendees and will also create a lasting memory in their minds.


Portable 3x3m marquees can help make your brand stand out in a crowded space. It is difficult for a single brand to be in the public eye at a corporate event. However, the 3X3 display is the perfect solution for this problem. These displays’ size and visual appeal make them the natural focal point of any event and will likely draw future clients towards your brand’s philosophy.


One of the best things about these displays is that they can be customised based on real-time data. You can integrate sensors and analytics to adapt the content to match the audience’s preferences and demographics. A retail store could change the content on the marquee display based on the age and gender of the shoppers in the vicinity. As a result, they will be able to focus on products more likely to resonate with them.



Another reason to invest in the market three x three display is their versatility. These are suitable to be used at all marketing events. Whether for a product launch or a brand promotion, you can use these displays and fit them according to the unique goals of your campaign.


If you want to create an impact for your brand at a corporate event, you must speak with a vendor who specialises in designing a marquee 3 x 3 display.


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