About Us

So1architect.com is an architectural company that has been specifically developed to cater the needs of home owners.

Designing a home is more than what it may look like. The house you will live in must not only meet your requirements,

but it must be aesthetically pleasing, functional and meet all architectural and legal standards.

o take so many factors into consideration requires lots of expertise and experience.

We have what it takes to design the perfect home make it a dream abode for the client.

We Offer

We have established ourselves strong with a team of highly educated professionals and experienced members who are ready to pour out their hearts and mind for the client’s job.
Compelete Projects

What we offer

We offer standard templates to ease the planning and designing process for the clients who are clueless or have very little idea of what they are looking for in their house.

Custom made designs

But we know that there are clients who are well aware of what they want from their house and how they want their house to be designed. For such clients we offer custom made designs as well.

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Visit our website or contact us today to design your dream home, our team of experts are waiting to help you design and plan your perfect abode. We are the perfect choice for affordable yet unique home architectural designs.